Casual Dresses with Pockets | Lindy Bop

Here at Lindy Bop, we love casual dresses with pockets, an LBD black dress with pockets, a summer dress with pockets and we stock dozens of them. Many of our dresses (and skirts) come with proper pockets (not tiny ones that are no use at all or those annoying fake pockets). Whether it’s a night out or everyday wear, pockets always come in handy.

Men have pockets to keep things in, women for decoration.” – Christian Dior, 1954.

Women’s pockets have been a political issue for some time. For decades we as women have suffered from faux pockets only made for decoration. Here at Lindy Bop, we believe we don’t have to sacrifice functionality in favour of design.

Pockets or “snack holders” as we like to call them, are great for storing your essentials, and with prices starting from £35.00, you won’t be out of pocket this summer. Go on, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to see some of our favourite dresses with pockets! Click here to shop our ‘Dresses with Pockets’ category.


Bring the sunshine to your wardrobe this season with ‘Joanne’ Traditional 1950s Swing Dress in Lemon Yellow Chambray (£38.00). No faux pockets here; patch pockets with contrasting bow detailing has us jumping for joy in ‘Joanne’.


Feeling the heat this summer? This style is the perfect summer dress with pockets. Pick up our ‘Claudine’ Mid Century Picnic Dress in Red Striped Cotton in 100% cotton (£40.00) and keep cool all summer long.


Ring around the rosy, Pocket full of posies.” We’ve blessed you with not one dress, but several dresses with pockets to choose from. Try our sleeveless shirt dress style ‘Matilda’ in ice cream lilac chambray and fill your side seam pockets full of flowers this S/S’19.


Can’t find casual dresses with pockets? Look no further! Our popular ‘Audrey’ 1950’s sleeveless swing dress style has a fitted waist with a flared skirt and detachable matching belt, all designed for a comfortable fit. Discreet side seam pockets make our ‘Audrey’ Classic 1950s Swing Dress in Mint Green Striped Cotton (£38.00) a classic style that every woman must own!


An occasion dress shouldn’t have to miss out on the joy of pockets. That’s why we’ve included side seam pockets into our ‘Amber’ Vintage 1940s Pearl Blue Occasion Dress with Oversized Collar (£44.00). Make power moves in our ‘Amber’ occasion dress, available in nine pretty pearlescent colours.