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T-minus one month to go until the annual Glorious Qatar Goodwood Festival in Chichester, West Sussex. Ladies Day, amongst other race meets, is the perfect occasion to dress up and rock a frock for such a prestigious event. One vintage swing singing group in regular attendance is Elle & The Pocket Belles. We caught up with these lovely ladies to chat all things fun, friendship and fashion.

Dresses by Lindy Bop [Style: Delta] Hats by Laylaleigh Millinery.

Keep scrolling to read our Q&A and find out which Lindy Bop styles the girls are recommending for your next day at the races!

Lindy Bop: Firstly, can you tell our readers a little about the group, and what inspired you to create a vintage swing singing group, Elle & The Pocket Belles?

Elle: My best friend Philippa and I met in sixth form college, and we would spend all our free time in the music practise rooms singing jazz and swing songs, “Summertime” being a favourite. I then met two of the belles whilst studying at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Our height difference was always a laughing matter in our friendship. So, when I decided to set up a Swing Band with my ‘pocket-sized friends’, we had to play on this! But two Pocket Belles wasn’t enough… so we looked high and low for more 5’2’’ stylish ladies with fabulous voices to complete our line-up. With Philippa as our MD, composing original songs and creating unique 5-part vocal harmony arrangements for us- we were ready to Swing!

Elle & The Pocket Belles photographed with Mark Heyes for ‘Lorraine’. Dresses by Lindy Bop [Style: Delta] Hats by Laylaleigh Millinery.

Lindy Bop: We love that Lindy Bop is the vintage-inspired brand of choice for Elle & The Pocket Belles. What do you love most about our styles, and why?

Elle: We love Lindy Bop. We have several Lindy Bop outfits in the ‘Pocket Belle Wardrobe’! I love the wide variety of styles – from day dresses to evening wear… there is a dress to fit any occasion! I love that you have categorised by era’s as well ranging from the 1920s to 1960s – which is very useful when we must find an outfit to fit a specific theme such as Gatsby or Rockabilly.

Cat: I love that they’re comfortable! They’re surprisingly easy to wear and very figure flattering.

Helen: I love the fun patterns that you use for your dresses. There is always an eye-catching design, such as the underwater theme prints.

Elle & The Pocket Belles photographed with Mark Heyes and Charlotte Hawkins. Dresses by Lindy Bop [Style: Cherel] Hats by Laylaleigh Millinery

Michaela: The thing I love most about Lindy bop styles is that they are super flattering on all the different body shapes within the band.

Chloe: There’s a real fresh, fun and feminine feel to the Lindy Bop designs, which I’ve always loved; especially the wide range of colours!

Lindy Bop: Last year the group gained lots of press coverage wearing Lindy Bop dresses at ‘Glorious Goodwood’ Ladies Day. Can you tell our readers why you love the event so much, and what Lindy Bop frock you’d recommend for the glamorous day out?

Chloe: Qatar Goodwood Festival is such an enjoyable event to be a part of every year; everyone always welcomes us so warmly. Spirits are high, and the sun is typically shining all week!

Elle: I hope you haven’t just jinxed it for this year Chloe! It is always amazing weather, which is why it’s known as “Glorious Goodwood.”

Michaela: Goodwood Horseracing is such a glamorous event and an amazing excuse to step out of your comfort zone and wear something different.

Dresses by Lindy Bop [Style: Delta] Hats by Laylaleigh Millinery.

Helen: My top tip for a Ladies Day Race outfit would be to wear something that stands out and is brightly coloured.

Chloe: Yes, you have to be daring and stand out with a bold print/pattern.

Cat: I love that Ladies Day is a chance for us to experiment; to come up with something that looks brand new but inspired by Vintage Fashion.

Elle: Last year we wore the ‘Cherel‘ Pink Tropical Bird Print Dresses with bespoke bird hats to match, created by Laylaleigh Millinery. Leigh is a fantastic milliner who we met at Goodwood the first year we sang there, and she has been our Milliner ever since. Laylaleigh Millinery is renowned for its show-stopping couture headpieces, that maintain her philosophy of being affordable luxury.

Dresses by Lindy Bop [Style: Cherel] Hats by Laylaleigh Millinery

Helen: We love to add petticoats to our look as well, under flared dresses. They add extra flounce, glamour and a vintage vibe.

Elle: If you’re looking for a dress for a glamorous day out, I would recommend the ‘Audrey’ Lemon Print Swing Dress. It’s a beautiful print, perfect for the summer and it has pockets!!! I love a dress with pockets… especially at an all-day event like this, it’s great to have your lipstick and phone to hand (but hidden). I love that Lindy Bop has a whole section dedicated to dresses with pockets.

Cat: I think the ‘Ottilie’ Embellished Evening Dress is absolutely gorgeous and would work brilliantly with a statement hat.

Chloe: I would recommend choosing a bold, unique neckline; while keeping it elegant. I also love a ‘wiggle’ pencil dress. I think the ‘Georgina’ Classic Vintage Wiggle Dress in Floral Bird Print would be a perfect dress for Goodwood.

Hats by Laylaleigh Millinery

Elle: Keep an eye on our Instagram and Lindy Bop’s page to see what we are wearing to Goodwood this year! (30th July-3rd August).

Lindy Bop: As a successful swing group, what advice would you give any aspiring singers?

Helen: My top tips for any aspiring singers would be to find what you love and make it unique to you. You might like the same style of music as someone else but if you stay true to yourself you will always be an original.

Cat: It’s the same as any other job really; be nice, work hard and talk to as many people as possible!

Chloe: We are a genuine group of friends in this band and have been there for each other through many highs and lows over the years. I think friendship is an important thing to have in this industry because it can be tough. My advice as a singer is to embrace your uniqueness; always keep working on yourself, your voice and your confidence; be open to all opportunities that come your way and go in the direction of what brings you the most joy!

Dresses by Lindy Bop [Style: Delta] Hats by Laylaleigh Millinery.

Lindy Bop: Lastly, can you give us the inside scoop on any upcoming projects or performances?

Elle: Coming up we have a busy summer singing at private and corporate gigs, but we also have some exciting public performances coming up…
On Saturday 13th July we will performing at Vintage for Victory’ festival in Cardiff, and on the Sunday 14th you can catch us at the ‘Summer Streets’ free festival on Regent Street. Then in September we are singing at The Ritz on Friday the 20th for The BBC Big Band Annual Ball’ again, and we will also be returning to ‘The Goodwood Revival on 13-15th September. Everyone who attends must dress in pre 1966 attire… so it’s a perfect opportunity to wear your Lindy Bop Dresses!

Elle & The Pocket Belles photographed with Leigh the millinery. Dresses by Lindy Bop [Style: Cherel] Hats by Laylaleigh Millinery.

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