Lindy Bop x The Wedding Crecherz | Q&A

A mother, a business owner, an entrepreneur; who is the woman behind the award-winning bespoke childcare service, ‘The Wedding Crecherz’? We interviewed event planning CEO Danielle Manton-Kelly on everything motherhood, little boss ladies and championing women in business.

Lindy Bop: Firstly, can you tell our readers a little about yourself and what inspired you to create the bespoke childcare service, ‘The Wedding Crecherz’?

Danielle: When I was growing up, I loved two things very much, weddings and dresses! We didn’t have very much money when I was growing up, and pretty dresses were an unaffordable luxury – reserved only for the fanciest occasions, so every time we were invited to a wedding, I would instantly start to plan my outfit, and daydream about what the bride would wear!

When I grew up, I qualified as a teacher (after working my way through two degrees with baby number one in tow) but quickly realised that it wasn’t for me – I yearned to spend more time with my children and craved the thrill of owning my own business.

I stumbled upon the perfect idea as a result of experiencing my own wedding – when we really could have done with a place for the children to go and relax, before they became over tired and ran riot. It was a sort of eureka moment…childcare at weddings…a way that I could use my training AND experience as many wedding days as possible!

The Wedding Crecherz was launched in February 2016 (the day before I found out I was expecting my third child) and has since grown massively. We provide creches, private nannies and children’s entertainment at weddings and events – helping the young wedding guests to feel happy and content, while the grown-ups relax and enjoy a worry-free day!

Lindy Bop: We love that Lindy Bop is the uniform of choice at ‘The Wedding Crecherz’. What do you love most about our styles, and why?

Danielle: I love that Lindy Bop’s styles suit absolutely anyone. We have a team of 50, and as yet, everyone has been able to find a size and style that suits them. Ladies that usually never wear dresses, now suddenly wear them outside of work, and I think it’s because the dresses fit so beautifully – they give them a new sense of confidence.

At The Wedding Crecherz, our staff always arrive at each event in a beautiful Lindy Bop dress – usually from the ‘Audrey’ range. Each staff member wears a unique pattern, so that they can be easily recognised by the children and their parents. The staff also wear these during settling sessions, to help develop a strong sense of familiarity before the event takes place.

Lindy Bop: As the Venus Movement Awards 2018 ‘Small Business of the Year’ award winner, what does it mean to you to champion women in business?

Danielle: It’s a really exciting time for women in business. I feel particularly responsible to the younger generation, especially as a mother of daughters – I want to consistently show them that it is possible to achieve huge things, and to be respected as an equal. My daughters are raised in a very equal household, the language of mutual respect, equality and self-worth is used consistently. There are absolutely no gender stereotypes, everyone pitches in and helps out with every single job there is!

Winning such a huge accolade has been incredible to share with my girls, who have then gone on to share it with their friends, which I think is just so positive. Women celebrating women is just so important and it has been incredible to be a part of something so special.

Lindy Bop: Danielle, you’ve got such an inspiring story of perseverance. What are your top tips for any women wanting to start their own business?

Danielle: Learn to listen and surround yourself with those that you need to listen to – you will always be excited to share your product, experience and ideas, but always make time to actively listen, question, and absorb as much experience and information that you possible can. Every single person that you will ever meet, knows something that you do not, so be open to that, and listen well – it will help you to grow.

People will only really remember you by how you make them FEEL. Make eye contact, keep that phone away, and show each person that you are prepared to give them a little bit of the most precious thing you have, your time.

Thanks again to Danielle for sitting down with us and discussing her wonderful childcare company! Check out our ‘Audrey’ collection here, for the number one uniform of choice for ‘The Wedding Crecherz’ team.

As seen at Binky Felstead’s ‘Mummy Tribe’ retreats, ‘The Wedding Crecherz’ also cater for a range of events up and down the country that require a mobile children’s creche. If you’re considering including children in your big day or would like to learn more about the bespoke services that ‘The Wedding Crecherz’ offers, then head on over to their website by visiting