Meet the Brands | Lotta From Stockholm x Lindy Bop

We stock several brands at Lindy Bop which all bring something unique and special to the market. Lotta From Stockholm is no different with their range of handmade clogs. A classic design made in Sweden using Swedish Alder for the base known for its combination of strength, hardness and lightweight and chrome-free vegetable tanned leathers from Italy and Swedish staples! Lotta From Stockholm knows how to do supportive footwear including both an arch support and a big toe indent in the footbed together making walking in clogs easier than it looks. Keep reading to get the insight into Lotta and the Lotta From Stockholm brand. What are you waiting for? Make 2019 the year of the clog!

Introduce yourself and your role at Lotta From Stockholm.

I am Lotta and I was born and raised in Stockholm but now live in Twickenham SW London with my husband and three children. I am still very involved with many different areas of the business, so you can find me in the office going through the leather samples for the next seasons range at one point and then an hour later I am in the warehouse packing orders as I still love to see what people are buying. As I write this, I am on the plane to Sweden to visit the factory and look at some of the samples we just had made.

How would you describe Lotta From Stockholm in five words?

Love, life, passion, fun, family, friends. That’s six but I couldn’t decide which one to leave out!

Backstory: When, where and how was the company established?

It all started in my kitchen nearly nine years ago. I bought some clogs back from my summer trip to Sweden and all my friends were asking me to buy some for them each time I went. It was just a couple of pairs each time at first, then a suitcase full and it just snowballed from there. My son had just started school, so it seemed like an ideal time.

What’s your favourite product and why?

My favourite product is nearly always the latest sample pair I have. Right now, it’s a pair of Highwood Nude with Brown Base but if I had to choose an all-time favourite then it would have to be the Peep Toe in Natural leather. I have been wearing the same pair each summer for the past 4 years.

What product launch are you most looking forward to and why?

The next one! I always get really excited when we launch new things. I guess when I don’t it may be time to stop.

Any exciting upcoming projects you can share with our readers?

We often end up doing things late here as I can’t always make up my mind and I still have colour samples on my desk for the coming summer!

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