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From the first purchase, through pregnancy and beyond. We want to help you wear Lindy Bop at any stage. Regularly we receive comments and queries from new mums planning on nursing who are not quite sure which Lindy Bop styles double up as breastfeeding clothes for times when baby’s hunger strikes.

If you are expecting a new-born or have just welcomed a little one into the world, your mantra is most likely to be “comfort is key.” And rightly so! The last thing you will want to worry about is putting on something that is going to irritate, restrict, or generally make you feel flustered. Flattening neckline, Button-down bodice, Comfortable fabrics? Check! Lindy Boppers, we’ve heard your plea! We’ve teamed up with a bunch of our favourite bloggers to bring you their round-up of tried and tested best breastfeeding dresses. So, whether it’s a casual dress for a family day out or something to twirl around the dance floor, we’ve made sure regardless of the occasion you’ll be feeling like a yummy mummy in no time!

Did you know we’ve made a category on our website of all the styles we recommend as suitable breastfeeding clothes? All the dresses mentioned in this article will feature plus plenty more!

Ask CiCi Marie

We’ve been closely following British blogger CiCi Marie for some time as a vintage vixen loving all things 1950’s. More recently we’ve watched her journey through pregnancy into motherhood as she beautifully styled both our ‘Saffron’ Green Bird Garden Print Wrap Jersey Top and ‘Antonia’ Chilli Pepper Print Swing Dress, equally doubling up as maternity wear. Now baby Sadie Mae has arrived we couldn’t help but ask how she continues to wear Lindy Bop in the day to day, choosing to nurse her daughter. Keep reading for tips, tricks and OOTD inspiration!

• Introduce yourself in five words:

Vintage meets modern style blogger.

• Names/ages/children:

I’m a new mum to Sadie Mae, who’s two months old.

• Which styles have you sampled?

For the purposes of nursing, the Kody and the Charlotte.

• What’s your favourite Lindy Bop breastfeeding friendly style and why?

I love them both! If I had to choose I’d go with the Charlotte, because it’s a dress I would have been drawn to before I was nursing, as it’s such a great 50s-inspired style (I love the plaid version too). I’ve always loved shirt dresses, but now the bonus is they’re one of few ‘regular’ dress styles I can wear on a daily basis with a very young baby while breastfeeding.

• Do you have any nursing hacks/tips?

If you find it as difficult as I did, get help – it’s out there. I found free breastfeeding clinics amazing, but also speak to your midwife/health visitor asap as my health visitor was able to send an expert to my house, so you never know unless you ask. Otherwise, my big piece of advice is: if you can and you really want to breastfeed but it’s hard, wait it out. A lot of early issues can be caused by the tiny size of your newborn and practising at latching correctly. At 7 weeks in things got a lot better for me. Oh, and get your baby checked for a tongue tie privately if you’re able to – they nearly all seem to have them and it really doesn’t help with a good latch (and NHS treatment may take weeks, which can be the difference in terms of giving up when it’s bad, I know).

• What’s your top tip for new mums?

Start a bedtime routine early! We began a routine of a large bottle (of expressed milk) at around the same time each night from two weeks old, and a couple of weeks later added a bath in, and at 6 weeks old Sadie began ‘sleeping through’ the night (meaning 5 hours or more in baby context). It started as a way to cope with breastfeeding pain issues, but we see no reason to stop now – I get my husband to give her the bottle so I can go to bed and at 10 weeks most nights I get around 6 hours of solid sleep, sometimes more. It’s saved my sanity! And a bonus is she absolutely loves bath time, particularly with me – it can nearly always stop her crying!

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Ask Mr & Mrs Chau

As a lifestyle and travel duo, Hannah and Graham know all about being prepared on the go, documenting their adventure in marriage visiting breath-taking locations, most recently Santorini, Tokyo and Iceland to name a few. As a new shopper at Lindy Bop Hannah had a common customer query; how do you look effortlessly elegant at a wedding when nursing a new-born? Our solution, ‘Ophelia’ Dove Grey Evening Dress.

• Introduce yourself in five words:

Mum, wife, blogger, pharmacist, Christian

• Names/ages/children:

I have a little boy called Jacob who is 5 weeks old.

• Which styles have you sampled?

I wore the Ophelia Dove Grey Evening Dress to my sister-in-law’s wedding. It was wonderful to be able to wear something so pretty that allowed me to nurse my baby easily at the same time.

• What’s your favourite Lindy Bop breastfeeding friendly style and why?

I love the Matilda for everyday wear. The buttons at the front makes it very accessible for breastfeeding. The dress also has a nice fit and it is very flattering, perfect for postpartum bodies! The pockets are great for busy mums with only one pair or hands!

• What’s something you wish you knew before becoming a Mum?

That you need a minimum of 2 hours to get ready to go anywhere with a newborn!

• What’s your top tip for new mums?

Try new things early on, like breastfeeding in public, to gain confidence right from the start! Once you’ve done something once, the next time isn’t so scary anymore.

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Ask Cornelius Blog

Documenting family life in South Wales valleys since 2011, parenting blogger ‘A Slice of My Life Wales’, Leanne writes about all things including raising a sassy toddler, new-born life, days out and food. Providing a mother’s seal of approval with several tried and tested products we just had to invite Leanne to sample our dresses suitable for breastfeeding.

• Introduce yourself in five words:

I’m Leanne: Welsh mam & blogger

• Names/ages/children:

I have a sassy 3 & ½ year old named Aria and a cuddly newborn named Carrie who is somehow one month old already.

• When did you first discover Lindy Bop?

I first discovered Lindy Bop several years ago while searching for the perfect dress to wear to a Wedding. I wanted something that would hide my mum tum and flatter my curves. I came across the blue Ophelia dress and instantly fell in love.

• How are you finding life with your new-born?

I am really enjoying it but I am finding going from one to two quite the juggling act. Our second daughter arrived at the end of August which was quite bad timing as it meant we were thrown straight into life with a newborn and early morning nursery runs! It certainly has its challenges, but I wouldn’t change it.

• What’s your top tip for new mums?

As hard as it can be just try to relax and enjoy them. You may feel like you’re failing at times, but to your child you are always winning.

• What are you looking forward to most as a Mum?

I am looking forward to watching the bond between the girls grow and develop. I really hope that they will be close and find best friends in each other, like me and my own sister.

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Ask The Eyre Effect

Based on the coast of Washington State, self-confessed bookworm Kristina describes herself as a “storyteller at heart”. The words of her favourite books are the inspiration behind her snapshots creating whimsical woodland meets vintage stories. As an avid follower of Lindy Bop and a third time mum to baby Irene we couldn’t wait for Kristina to wear our dresses through the lens of a nursing mum and give us her verdict. Read on to hear how our she got on!

• Introduce yourself in five words:

Kristina, blogger, photographer, mother, writer

• Names/ages/children:

I have three children: Asa, aged 4.5, Evie, aged 3, and my newest Irene aged 3 months.

• When did you first discover Lindy Bop?

I first discovered Lindy Bop I believe through my good friend Sara (who also blogs at!) a few years ago. I’ve been smitten ever since! The range of sizes, cuts, and patterns and the affordability of the dresses is the best! Also, I appreciate that most dresses have pockets.

• What’s your favourite Lindy Bop breastfeeding friendly style and why?

I have quite a few cuts of LindyBop in my closet that are nursing friendly including the Dawn, Claudine, Matilda, and Bletchley, and I think so far Dawn has been my favorite! The stretch and not having to button anything makes it so much easier especially when I’m out and about to just throw on a cover and nurse my baby. Though I do have to commend Lindy Bop for creating dresses that button and unbutton easily without gapping between buttons! I’ve always appreciated that.

• How are you finding life with your newborn?

So far, Irene has been my easiest baby! She is a little dream; already having two kids, I was a little worried about how life with three might be as I’ve heard three can be the hardest transition, but she has just made it smooth and easy with her happy personality and the ease with which she fell into a sleeping and nursing routine! We love her a lot!

• What’s your top tip for new mums?

Don’t be afraid to reach for help! Whether it be family, friends, playgroups, communities… having people you can call for help is so essential. In the first days of having a newborn, whether it’s your first or second or third, I always found it essential to have someone (or several someones) I could call so that, especially in the first month or so, I could just relax and focus all of my energy on growing that new little baby. So whether it’s to call a friend to help clean the house (there’s no shame in needing help!), or take the baby so you can rest, or take other kids for the same reason, or to have someone cook you a few meals, run your errands, give you a chance to freshen up and feel human again… I think it’s really important to learn that it’s totally okay to ask for help. After all, you’ve just grown and are now nurturing another human being and that is an enormous accomplishment!

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