Tartan Swing Dress Trend Check It Out | Lindy Bop

Fashion is something that goes in one era and out the other. One iconic pattern that’s stayed classic throughout time is that of tartan, plaid, and check gingham. Cue our best Miranda Priestly voice; “Plaid for Autumn? Ground-breaking!”

Don’t get cotton a lie. Tartan and plaid aren’t only for Autumn, and Gingham isn’t exclusive to Spring. Wear your tartan swing dress now & later. Fabrics and patterns are versatile, and colours dictate the season. Swap your Spring pastels for vibrant hues to take you from S/S to A/W and back again. Wrap up with tights and ankle boots for colder days. Team up Miss L Fire sandals and a coordinating headband for a summer refresh. Discover your clan in a rustic red tartan dress with our ‘Grace’ Plaid Red Tartan Sweetheart Style Swing Dress. Don’t be green with envy, pick up our ‘Audrey’ green tartan dress before it’s gone!

What’s more versatile and wearable than crisscrossed horizontal and vertical stripes? Worn by the British Royal Family for decades, a kilt isn’t the only way you can try your hand at tartan and plaid. From skirts and dresses to scarfs, bags and shoes – add some heritage to your ensemble with Santoro accessories.

Like a sliding scale of intricate tartans to block gingham, a check is your happy medium. A pattern most commonly found in city street style, think blazers and oversized coats. Check out our cropped and peplum jackets (‘Eryn’, ‘Alpina’ and ‘Beitris’) to get this look. Add our sweet ‘Pauline’ or ‘Paulette’ pinafore dress to your outfit for an instant workwear update.

Picnic blankets, tablecloths, cooking aprons; have you guessed it yet? That’s right, your favourite classic – gingham! From retro homeware décor to pretty dresses, you wouldn’t be mistaken in thinking gingham was an icon of its own accord during the golden era.

Securing gingham as an all-American preppy wholesome “no place like home” pattern, Judy Garland wore a baby blue gingham pinafore as Dorothy in Wizard of Oz. It didn’t stop there! Through the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s many famous faces wore this staple. Replicate Marilyn Monroe’s look with our ‘Kendra’ Cropped Capri Trousers. Get Brigette Bardot’s sassy style with our ‘Peggy Sue’ Swing Skirt.

Tartan, houndstooth and gingham. Dot the I’s cross the t’s – we’ve got you covered! Transitioning from traditional highland dress to 90’s grunge and now your fall must-haves, you’ll be plaid to meet these wardrobe staples. This is our Editors Pick and your Autumn checklist.

Don’t be a tulle, this isn’t a trend to be missed! What are you wearing this season?