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Is there anything more classic than a vintage style little black dress?! Every woman needs at least one in their wardrobe. In the words of Karl Lagerfeld “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.” So versatile, so timeless, so chic. Dress it up, dress it down. Keep it minimal or use it as a blank canvas to show off your best accessories.

The most notedly famous LBD of all came in 1961 when Audrey Hepburn wore the now immortal Givenchy black dress as Holly Golightly in the opening scenes of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I can hear you asking yourself … but, how did a vintage black dress become such an icon?

In Victorian times black clothing was exclusively considered as mourning attire, worn for two-plus years at a time. Coco Chanel began to change all that with the introduction of the little black dress. This ‘new uniform’ was simple, elegant and made dressing no longer about the display of wealth. When a calf-length Chanel LBD appeared in American Vogue in 1926, the dress secured its place in fashion history, dubbed “Chanel’s Ford” because of its accessibility and appeal across the classes.

Whether you’re trying to emulate the glamour of decades past or perhaps re-create a famous look worn by your idol, keep reading for our top four LBD’s!

GET THE LOOK: Audrey Hepburn

Hepburn is famous for not one, but two iconic little black dresses on screen. As seen in ‘Sabrina’ (1954) the original Hubert de Givenchy cocktail dress was the inspiration behind our own self-titled black 50’s dress.

GET THE LOOK: Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy was the ultimate queen of twin sets. The first lady wore this style throughout the 1960’s. Now in beautiful brocade, you too can pick up your own quintessentially classic suit.

GET THE LOOK: Miranda Hobbes

As the lead character in the hit TV Series ‘Sex and the City’, Carrie Bradshaw stole the fashion spotlight on many occasion, but have you ever paid attention to the other ensembles gracing the screens? In Season Two (Ep.7) Miranda wore a quintessentially 90’s body con in the episode entitled “The Chicken Dance”. Whether you too have a last-minute wedding or function to attend our ‘Esmerelda’ is perfect to dress up or down.

GET THE LOOK: Sophia LorenIn the early 1950’s Christian Dior introduced the world to a silhouette we would fall in love with over and over again, “The New Look”. The feminine tailored style cinches at the waist with a full-bodied skirt for an instant hourglass shape. With a draped fichu collar feature in luxurious fabric, this piece is a show stopper. Did you know we now stock a curated collection of styles that are available up to a UK size 28 (US 24/ 7XL)? Get Sophie Loren’s look with our ‘Amber’ Black Occasion Dress.

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