World Book Day 2019 x Mackenzi Lee Q&A | Lindy Bop

World Book Day celebrates their 22nd year on 7th March 2019; believing that reading is power, the charity encourages all young people to read up, speak up and change the world. The mission of World Book Day is simple, to equip every child and young person with a book of their own. The day itself is a celebration of stories, the authors who wrote them and the illustrators who bring the pictures and covers to life. Celebrated in over 100 countries worldwide it’s a day not to be missed!

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To celebrate World Book Day 2019, we interviewed Lindy Bopper, New York Times bestselling author, and all-around fun gal Mackenzi Lee. Typewriter bag in hand and matching sunshine yellow accessories, Mackenzi took to Salt Lake City in her new ‘Bletchley’ Book Print Turquoise Shirt Swing Dress to show us her Lindy Bop style, set against the best backdrop imaginable, a book mural full of literary classics. Keep scrolling for the full Q&A!

Lindy Bop: What inspired you to become an author?

Mackenzi: I have always loved telling stories. It was what first attracted me to studying history, because history is just stories about people navigating their world. One of my professors in college actually recommended I try writing fiction instead of nonfiction, as she thought my voice would be better suited to that, and I discovered a passion for telling invented stories set against the backdrop of real historical events. From there, it was a long process of writing and rewriting and starting over, getting an MFA in creative writing, and hustling.

Lindy Bop: What’s your favourite book character of all time and why?

Mackenzi: So difficult to choose! There are so many characters I love for so many different reasons! If I could only pick one, it would be Jacky Faber, the titular heroine of the incredible series by LA Meyer. Jacky is a scrappy, saucy, and strong-willed woman in 19th century England who manages to weave her way through some of history’s most important moments. She’s funny, she’s brilliant, she’s audacious, she’s brave, but she’s also vulnerable and cowardly. She makes mistakes. She hurts people. She has so much humour and heart but was one of the first literary heroines I remember encountering that felt like a complete person, and reading her exploits almost felt like getting permission to be just as complex and imperfect and glorious as she is.

Lindy Bop: As a New York Times Bestseller, what advice would you give to any budding writers?

Mackenzi: To be a successful writer, you have to be relentless. You are going to have to write and write and write and rewrite—we don’t often think of writing as a skill you have to practice, but it’s true! You are going to have to let projects go and start new ones. You are going to have to finish projects—so many people have started novels, but so few finish them. You are going to have to pitch yourself and pitch your work over and over again. You are going to have to not quit when you’re rejected, which you will be. Everyone is. You are going to have to keep betting on yourself over and over again. But the writers who make it are not necessarily the most talented—they are the ones that don’t give up.

Lindy Bop: Can you give us an inside scoop on any upcoming projects or book releases?

Mackenzi: I have a nonfiction book coming out this fall called The History of the World in 50 Dogs—which is exactly what it sounds like! It has been insanely fun to research and write,
particularly with my St. Bernard puppy snoozing under my desk while I worked.

Lindy Bop: Let’s talk fashion! Is your style influenced by any era or any of the trailblazing women from your book ‘Bygone Badass Broads’?

Mackenzi: I love coordinating my outfits for events to the topic I’m discussing, though I generally focus more on the print than the style. Wearing a 16th century gown to a book event may be slightly distracting—or at the very least, take way longer to get into than I usually put into my outfits. One of my favourite dresses to wear when I discuss Bygone Badass Broads is a shift dress featuring a hand-painted print of famous women in history by Book of Deer. It’s such a beautiful piece and it’s always a showstopper when I speak. But the aesthetic of the book definitely matches my style—I’m very into bright colours and bold prints, and the book’s artist, Petra Erikson, captured that aesthetic perfectly. And if anyone out there wants to start a clothing line based on Petra’s prints in the book, let me know, because I desperately need that dinosaur bone cape, she drew for paleontologist Mary Anning.

Lindy Bop: Your most recent young adult fiction book is titled ‘The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy’; What’s your favourite Lindy Bop style and why?

Mackenzi: I love the Claudine dress because I love a swing dress and a twirly skirt, but also that collar and the cut make me feel like a 1940s sock hop girl. No matter the print, I feel fun and sophisticated at the same time.

Lindy Bop: Lastly, how will you be celebrating World Book Day 2019?

Mackenzi: In my house, every day is World Book Day!

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